The project

  • Location Wrocław
  • Date 2019

The town of Wrocław in Poland alternates fine 13th-century monuments and old buildings with ultra-modern structures, such as the imposing residence in the Odrzanska area of the old town, which stands out for its original and contemporary design. The striking facade features incredible vertical glass panes that seem designed to bring the building into contact with the sky. The building therefore has a futuristic look.

Odrzańska Residence: Photo 1

Product used

Cotto d’Este made an alteration beneath the glass panes, covering the entire façade of the Odrzanska building with 100x300 cm (3.5 mm-thick) Over Kerlite 3plus, a collection specifically developed for the most advanced architectural projects. Cotto d’Este pioneered the production and presentation on the market of these ultra-thin large slabs, an extremely high-quality ceramic product which, thanks to their characteristic lightness and the extraordinary resistance provided by the fibreglass on the back, guarantee very high technical performance as well as aesthetic appeal.

For the Polish project, the dark Road shade was chosen to counteract the vertical and transparent glass panes, which slim the structure. Produced here in the Kerlite 3Plus version, Over is not only the result of outstanding technology, but is also a decorative project that aims to renew the very concept of a “covering”, creating a surface with exceptionally deep colours. An unconventional concrete effect that is more gentle, sophisticated and technological at the same time.

Odrzańska Residence: Photo 3
over---road over---road


The sizes:

  • 100x300 cm
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