The project

  • Location Ibiza - Spain
  • Date 2018
  • Studio Axel Schoenert Architectes, Arch. Zsofia Varnagy

Four hectares of land overlooking the surrounding pine forest: a green space just 15 minutes away from the city of Ibiza. Two architects – Axel Schoenert and Zsofia Varnagy – decided to build their own villa/refuge here.

Cotto d’Este is present in this stylish and sophisticated space with its precious surfaces, chosen to finish the outdoor area around the pool and certain horizontal surfaces in the interior rooms.

The space’s style focused on the use of nuances and shapes that perfectly harmonize with the surrounding nature. The chosen colours are warm and neutral, such as taupe, light grey and beige. Similarly, the materials used – wood, stones and glass – were selected to reflect and respect the atmosphere of the island.


Photo credits: Luc Boegly

Private House: Photo 1

Product used

Likewise, the chosen Cotto d’Este finishes were taken from the CLUNY collection, which features Pietra di Borgogna in five sophisticated colours: from charcoal grey to a bright magnolia colour.

Selected in the Argerot Layè version, Clunyè was used in the 75x75 cm format for the flooring that surrounds the large outdoor pool. The Layé finish, which is perfect for outdoors, enables perfect grip even when the flooring is wet.

Inside, the architects opted for Argerot Sablé, a surface that is softer to the touch, visually uniform and better suited to indoor spaces.

Private House: Photo 3
cluny---argerot-layè cluny---argerot-layè


The sizes:

  • 75x75 cm
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cluny---argerot-sablè cluny---argerot-sablè


The sizes:

  • 75x75 cm
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Private House: Photo 5
Cluny - Argerot Layè
Private House: Photo 6
Private House: Photo 7
Cluny - Argerot Layè
Cluny - Argerot Sablè
Private House: Photo 8
Private House: Photo 9
Private House: Photo 10
Private House: Photo 11
Private House: Photo 12
Private House: Photo 13
Cluny - Argerot Sablè
Private House: Photo 14
Private House: Photo 15
Private House: Photo 16
Cluny - Argerot Sablè
Private House: Photo 17
Cluny - Argerot Sablè
Private House: Photo 18
Private House: Photo 19
Private House: Photo 20
Private House: Photo 21
Private House: Photo 22
Cluny - Argerot Sablè
Private House: Photo 23
Cluny - Argerot Layè
Private House: Photo 24
Private House: Photo 25
Private House: Photo 26
Private House: Photo 27
Cluny - Argerot Layè
Cluny - Argerot Sablè
Private House: Photo 28
Cluny - Argerot Sablè
Private House: Photo 29
Private House: Photo 30
Cluny - Argerot Sablè
Private House: Photo 31
Private House: Photo 32
Private House: Photo 33
Private House: Photo 34
Private House: Photo 35
Private House: Photo 36
Private House: Photo 37
Private House: Photo 38

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