Quality and Environment

Our commitment

Cotto d’Este has chosen to take a stand in defence of the planet. The company has an on-going commitment to mimise its environmental impact through concrete actions carried out every day. These include investing in the most advanced technologies and making production decisions based on logics of sustainability.

Despite being the result of a complex industrial and technologically advanced process, ceramics are a natural product. Following a simple recipe, composed of a few essential elements such as earth, fire and water, it is possible to obtain a strong, versatile, practical and hygienic product, which has a high value in terms of beauty and design.

This is particularly the case if the production chain interacts with the environment in a responsible way by reducing the need for raw materials, recycling water and waste products, using renewable energy and managing the process with high-efficiency systems, thus substantially reducing the carbon footprint that the industrial production leaves on the surface of the planet. A key, essential commitment for those who, like Cotto d'Este, create products that millions of people, all over the world, encounter daily, in their homes and in public.

Our commitment

That is why the policy it has put in place for management includes the following activities:

• safeguarding the integrity of the environment that surrounds the manufacturing facilities as well as the environment within, thus protecting the environment as a whole;
• ensuring constant respect of the existing legal norms regarding safety and the environment through ongoing and rigorous inspections;
• managing, preserving and, where possible, reducing the use of natural resources;
• constantly improving its environmental approach, to keep the production of pollutants and the consumption of resources to a minimum;
• providing constant information to and maintaining an ongoing collaboration with the population and with public organizations regarding the environmental policies adopted, including the release of the EMAS Environmental Declaration and the Panariagroup Sustainability Report.

The raw materials used in the Cotto d'Este and Panariagroup plants are constantly monitored, in full respect of the environmental standards set by the law.

Equally, the production waste is mostly reused thus causing a diminution in the use of natural raw materials.

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