Beauty that Dazzles: the Mediterranean-Style Home

Through the silent dialogue between elegance and nature, Mediterranean-style porcelain stoneware invites us to rediscover the harmony and luxury of a seaside home. Just as a work of art sculpts the space around it, Cotto d’Este’s porcelain stoneware surfaces shape their environments, transforming them into spaces characterised by sophisticated intimacy and timeless tranquillity.

The evocative textures and delicate tones of Cotto d’Este’s products inspire not only solutions for flooring and cladding, but true artificial landscapes. Here the colours of the sea and sky merge with domestic architecture, offering an exquisite blend of style and unparalleled durability.

Embracing a timeless aesthetic vision and a concept of sustainable prestige, Cotto d’Este pays tribute to coastal elegance with surfaces that serve as living testimonials of contemporary Mediterranean style.

Find out how porcelain stoneware allows you to live a luxurious and carefree lifestyle everyday, in the name of the highest expression of design.

Ideas for Decorating a Beach House

For those who wish to add a touch of maritime elegance to their home, there are three different currents of interior design to draw inspiration from.

In each style, porcelain stoneware stands out as a key element, bringing together aesthetics and functionality to enhance the harmony within a space. These are the details that contribute to a narrative of timeless beauty, providing an ideal canvas on which to exalt the allure of the sea.

Coastal Style

Coastal style evokes a fresh and airy quality, embracing ethereal tones that range from pure white to delicate pastels. The colours of coastal style decor, reminiscent of the expansive sea and pristine beaches, blend with natural materials like light-coloured wood and rattan.

The sophisticated simplicity of coastal-chic style is perfect for those seeking to establish continuity between indoor and outdoor decor in a beach house, while coastal-rustic style brings together maritime elements and details that recall the simplicity and slow pace of countryside living. Embrace wooden furniture, wicker and raffia accessories, and incorporate plants and greenery in interior spaces.

Mediterranean Style

A Mediterranean-style home, rich in vitality and cultural influences, transforms domestic environments into a celebration of light and colour. Vibrant tones like sky blue, ochre yellow, and aqua green reflect the richness of the Mediterranean landscape.

Here too, wooden furniture, wicker chairs, and terracotta vases add authenticity and warmth, creating environments that become welcoming and relaxing retreats. Contemporary Mediterranean style isn’t just a tribute to aesthetics, but an invitation to experience the vitality of a space.

Nautical Style

Finally, nautical style pays tribute to the elegance of ships and naval life. It favours a palette of colours made up of navy blue, white and red, with details that recall the nautical world. An example of this is the porcelain stoneware wood-look flooring from the Woodland collection, inspired by captivating journeys in search of rare and precious woods.

The essence of nautical style lies in its capacity to evoke a sense of adventure and freedom, while never sacrificing sophistication.

Using Porcelain Stoneware in a Beach House

In creating a coastal-style home that captures the timeless elegance of the Mediterranean, porcelain stoneware flooring and cladding take centre stage.

When considering how to decorate a beach house, the first colours that come to mind are sky blue, verdant green, and classic white. However, neutral surface tones are actually more suitable for achieving a modern coastal style. Here are some original ideas for decorating a beach house using stoneware surfaces to create striking environments characterised by understated elegance and immune to passing trends.

A Contemporary Mediterranean-Style Living Room: Wood Look and Maritime Elegance

In the living room, the lifeblood of the home, large windows framed by airy fabrics allow light to filter into the space, creating visual harmonies in white and blue. Here, the wood-look porcelain stoneware planks from the Cadore collection add warmth and brightness, fully embodying the rustic coastal style. Furthermore, they transform the floor into a surface in which every detail reflects impeccable taste and timeless elegance.

Creativity and Vibrant Energy in a Mediterranean-Style Kitchen

Moving on to the kitchen, here porcelain stoneware showcases all of its versatility. Kitchen tiles for a beach house demand an added touch of vitality and character, while arches maintain a sense of openness and continuity. A sunny Mediterranean-style kitchen, often designed as an open space, becomes a place to spend time together and socialise.

Brightness and Simplicity for the Bathroom

In a Mediterranean-style bathroom, the sophistication of porcelain stoneware manifests in dynamic walls that evoke the motion of the waves. Bathroom tile solutions, in light and luminous colours, amplify the natural brightness, as do simple and linear furnishings in unfinished wood. This space thus becomes a private sanctuary, an oasis of peace and beauty in which every detail is meticulously curated.

Walking on Beauty: a Beach House Floor

Mediterranean-style porcelain stoneware floors are the epitome of sophistication, transforming any environment into a living work of art. These incredibly sophisticated surfaces can evoke the warmth of bleached wood, the solid grandeur of natural stone, and the delicate pastel shades of Mediterranean blue, always conveying a sense of tranquillity and well-being.

It’s easy, therefore, to see why Cotto d’Este’s collections are recognised as the ideal flooring solutions for a beach house. Imagine walking through rooms flooded with natural light, where each tile tells the story of ancient civilisations and breathtaking landscapes, taking you on a sensory journey like no other.

Cotto d’Este’s porcelain stoneware, with its unmatched versatility, makes it possible to create floors that are true masterpieces of interior design. For example, in a Mediterranean-style bedroom, a rough and bleached hardwood-look adds an extra touch of elegance, giving the environment a timeless allure. This type of flooring not only enhances the overall aesthetic, but guarantees exceptional strength and durability as well, maintaining its beauty even under the most demanding conditions.

Mediterranean-inspired collections, with their sophisticated textures and nuances, transport the mind to sun-kissed coasts, picturesque medieval villages, and villas nestled in lush greenery. Every choice of colour and material is a tribute to Mediterranean nature and culture, transforming the home into a sanctuary dedicated to peace and elegance.

Outstanding Solutions for Beach House Exteriors

The solutions for Mediterranean-style porcelain stoneware floors transform any exterior space into a living work of art, combining elegance, durability, and functionality.

Large seaside terraces and shady gardens typical of Mediterranean-style villas require materials that can withstand the elements without sacrificing beauty. Porcelain stoneware is the perfect choice, providing surfaces which remain unchanged over time and are easy to maintain.

Using products that mimic the look of natural stone and wood, helps to create outdoor spaces for Mediterranean-style homes which blend perfectly with the landscape.

Warm earthy colours, like beige, taupe, and green, help to establish a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere that’s the natural extension of the home’s interior design.

A prime example are the surfaces of the Secret Stone collection, fruit of the study of Jerusalem stone and Cotto d’Este’s ability to capture its beauty and enhance its quality.

The most captivating variety of colours and the rarest stratifications give these porcelain stoneware surfaces unprecedented realism. A stone that’s perfect for professionals  seeking exclusive and prestigious solutions for their architectural projects.

Furthermore, Secret Stone is part of the PROTECT® line: extremely high performance antibacterial flooring and cladding products, perfect for the exterior flooring of a beach house, where surfaces must withstand constant exposure to natural elements.


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