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Whether it’s total look spaces or the desire to maintain the same style with different applications between outdoor, indoor and even furnishings, the ceramic surfaces of Cotto d’Este are the key. Floor and wall coverings made in 3 of the most advanced technologies in the sector and thanks to the combination of different thicknesses, make it possible to embrace all possible uses, being able to count on different technical performance but the same quality and refinement.

By choosing solutions belonging to the same series, it is possible to guarantee stylistic continuity and technical performance through a single aesthetic code available in different thicknesses, to meet the functional needs of each project: Kerlite, the large thin slabs of superior quality; full-body porcelain stoneware with a thickness of 14 mm and stoneware in a thickness of 20 mm designed for outdoor solutions.

Kerlite, the crown jewel of ultra-thin porcelain stoneware by Cotto d’Este, offers large slabs (up to 120x278 cm and 3mx1m) with extraordinary lightness, thanks to the thickness of only 3.5 mm, 5.5 mm and 6.5 mm. A versatile and resistant material that can cover floors and walls but also furnishings, external surfaces of buildings (ventilated façades and thermal insulation) in perfect continuity with the interiors.

14 mm porcelain stoneware has always been synonymous with resistance, durability and practicality. In addition to guaranteeing a technically high-performance product, it offers a variety of aesthetic variations, shapes and decorations able to satisfy any design need.

Finally, thick porcelain stoneware: with a thickness of 20mm, it covers any external surface, it is resistant to any temperature, to deep abrasion, water and resists any load (therefore, making it ideal for driveways); it has a very evident structured surface and with some of the highest-performing slip and friction resistance available.

With such a vast catalogue, it is therefore easy, as well as possible, to imagine environments in full aesthetic continuity: choosing the same collection for indoor and outdoor flooring amplifies the impact and the feeling of homogeneity of the spaces while the possibility of opting for the same wall and floor collection opens the door to environments in perfect total look.

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