Rooms in greenery: two new captivating natural subjects for Wonderwall

Inspiration comes from outside, embracing nature’s imperfections to construct unique narratives. From natural to stylised, from minimalist to maximalist: botanical designs continue to enrich the interior, expanding the narrative of the great outdoors, exploring scenes that sometimes restore balance and at other times convey all the character and personality of tropical references.

Plants and flowers become oversized in designs that immerse the viewer in nature. The styles also range from more sophisticated and subdued designs to more colourful and well-defined motifs, demonstrating the versatility of subjects that define space, rather than just covering a wall.

In line with these trends, Cotto d’Este presents two additional new interpretations of Wonderwall, the first collection of ultra-thin wall ceramic tiles that perfectly combines interior design aesthetics and technology.

The two subjects join the 15 existing ones, enriching an increasingly exclusive catalogue that offers exquisite new solutions with a strong tactile appeal and an elegant design, the result of an exclusive technology for unparalleled aesthetic and chromatic results.

With Wonderwall, Cotto d’Este renews spaces by offering sophisticated graphic effects using a material that does not change over time and that is extremely durable thanks to the fibreglass reinforcement that ensures maximum flexibility and resistance. The decorative solutions in the series are perfect for interior design projects that aim to give rooms a unique and luxurious atmosphere. These small architectural elements can make walls a standout feature with their colours and graphic motifs.


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