The project

  • Location Bologna - Italy
  • Date 2017

The quality and aesthetic excellence of Cotto d'Este surfaces are the reasons they were chosen for the exteriors and interiors of the new offices of the Felsineo Veg company near Bologna.

The redevelopment and restructuring of the 1970’s buildings is characterized by a particular attention to the sustainability of the building as well as to an energy and seismic upgrading. This influenced the choice of the architect Ivanoe Castori, of SIC ARCHITETTURE, regarding both architectural solutions and materials.

The Cotto d'Este surfaces were selected for their aesthetic beauty, for their quality and for their environmental standards which were able to meet and fit in with the architectural concept.

The covering of the external part of the building was in fact entirely made of ventilated cladding facades, using Kerlite 5plus (thickness 5.5 mm, slab size 100x300 cm) from the Cluny collection; while for the interior flooring in the offices, slabs from the Materica Collection were chosen, again in Kerlite 5plus, (100x300 cm) with PROTECT® antibacterial technology.

The meeting room environment was enhanced and defined using RITMI from the Wonderwall collection for a wall: large sized slabs of Kerlite (100x300 cm) which are thin, light and decorated with graphics, unpublished drawings, suggestive and ornamental designs, uniting the beauty and ornamental value of wallpaper with the qualities of ultra-thin laminated porcelain stoneware.

Felsineo Veg: Photo 1
kerlite-cluny---champagne kerlite-cluny---champagne


The sizes:

  • 100x300 cm
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kerlite-materica---tortora kerlite-materica---tortora


The sizes:

  • 50x100 cm
  • 100x100 cm
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kerlite-wonderwall---ritmi kerlite-wonderwall---ritmi


The sizes:

  • 100x300 cm
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Felsineo Veg: Photo 3
Felsineo Veg: Photo 4
Felsineo Veg: Photo 5
Felsineo Veg: Photo 6
Materica - Tortora
Felsineo Veg: Photo 7
Felsineo Veg: Photo 8
Cluny - Champagne
Felsineo Veg: Photo 9
Cluny - Champagne
Felsineo Veg: Photo 10
Materica - Tortora
Felsineo Veg: Photo 11
Felsineo Veg: Photo 12
Wonderwall - Ritmi
Felsineo Veg: Photo 13
Felsineo Veg: Photo 14
Cluny - Champagne
Felsineo Veg: Photo 15
Felsineo Veg: Photo 16
Cluny - Champagne
Felsineo Veg: Photo 17
Felsineo Veg: Photo 18
Materica - Tortora
Felsineo Veg: Photo 19
Felsineo Veg: Photo 20
Felsineo Veg: Photo 21
Materica - Tortora
Felsineo Veg: Photo 22
Wonderwall - Ritmi
Felsineo Veg: Photo 23
Felsineo Veg: Photo 24


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