Matera - Italy
LOMO Architecture
Photo Credits
Pierangelo Laterza


  • Location Matera - Italy
  • Date 2019
  • Studio LOMO Architecture
  • Photo Credits Pierangelo Laterza

Matera, the city of the Sassi, is the setting for one of the LOMO Architecture firm’s latest restoration projects. The architects demonstrate an architectural style distinguished by clean lines and contemporary materials for a very visually striking result in which the balance of shapes and colours enhances the elegance of the spaces.

Cotto d’Este was chosen to cover the surfaces of the two bathrooms in this modern apartment: one dedicated to the living area and the other to the bedroom area.

Private house Matera: Photo 18


In the living area, the bathroom is covered with large 100x100 cm ceramic slabs from the Kerlite 5Plus EXEDRA collection with the Calacatta Silk finish. Thanks to the use of innovative enamel jet technology, the marble veins are rendered with great precision and with a three-dimensional effect that conveys extreme visual depth.

For the horizontal surfaces, LOMO Architecture chose the Avorio colour in the 100x100 format from the Kerlite 5Plus MATERICA collection. Despite the faint chiaroscuro effect due to the ripples from the artisan spatula processing of the concrete, Materica’s surface appears to be a monochromatic background, a strictly clean space with a highly personal touch.

Shifting the attention to the bedroom area, the choice of vertical bathroom surfaces features the Kerlite WONDERWALL collection. The architectural firm used the Venice texture for the covered space of the shower enclosure, enhancing it with an attractive, restrained look: small portions of wall become spectacular spaces that create depth in the absence of architectural interventions designed to create new walls, partitions or arches, like perspective effects capable of making a wall a standout feature with colour and graphic designs.

Blustyle by Cotto d’Este signs the horizontal surfaces of part of the living area with the Living Stones collection in the 90x90 cm format, in the Stone Beach variant, which features a sunset colour and sophisticated veins typical of Chamesson limestone.

Private house Matera: Photo 20
exedra---calacatta exedra---calacatta


The sizes:

  • 100x100 cm
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exedra exedra


The sizes:

  • 100x100 cm
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wonderwall---venice wonderwall---venice


The sizes:

  • 100x300 cm
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materica---avorio materica---avorio


The sizes:

  • 100x100 cm
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