Balancing volumes and surfaces: Cotto d’Este’s solutions

Contemporary residential architecture combines a sensibility for design, technological innovation, and practicality to create homes in which experimentation with shapes and materials results in a dynamic interplay of volumes, an ongoing dialogue between interior and exterior spaces, and, at the same time, an overall harmony between buildings and their surrounding contexts. Bold lines and a skilful use of space are at the basis of buildings with a strong identity, in which material references and overlapping layers shape the entire living space, both indoors and outdoors.

Exterior cladding and, more in general, the spaces that surround a building, play a fundamental role in defining a structure, enhancing the overall context, and even, particularly when it comes to the surfaces chosen for cladding, helping to protect against the elements. Ultra-thin porcelain stoneware is one of the most popular solutions among designers and architects who love to experiment. Its technical characteristics make it an extremely flexible and versatile material, with which it’s possible to clad a building while also delivering outstanding performance. In fact, in its thinnest versions, stoneware is the perfect choice for creating ventilated facades, where the slabs are secured using special fixtures, leaving a narrow gap that’s wide enough to allow air to circulate.

The ultra-thin Kerlite slabs by Cotto d’Este, with a thickness of just 3.5mm, 5.5mm, or 6.5mm, are flexible, lightweight, easy to handle, and durable, making them a universal and highly sustainable solution. In addition to having reduced the consumption of raw materials, energy, and water during the production phase, as well as CO2 emissions and pollution caused by transport, Cotto d’Este and Panariagroup, through the THINk ZERO project, have completely offset all residual CO2 emissions, calculating them over the entire product lifecycle and thus making the slabs completely Carbon Neutral.

For outdoor spaces, surfaces with a greater thickness (14 mm or 20 mm) offer a technically and aesthetically high-performance solution: they are exceptionally durable, particularly well-suited for walkways, terraces, and pool decks, and are extraordinarily flat thanks to a slow firing process that enhances their unique graphics and colours.


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