Historic centres are undergoing a radical transformation, with more and more ancient structures being converted into accommodations, thus revitalising the buildings while preserving the cities’ historic heritage. These are often boutique hotels, where the allure of the past combines with the comforts of modern design, without compromising historic integrity. This is an effective way to make use of existing resources and to celebrate local history,  while also integrating the preservation of cultural and artistic heritage with the need to revitalize the community and the economy, create jobs, and counteract population decline.

It is in this very context that some of Cotto d’Este’s collections have been used. For over 30 years the brand has been synonymous with sophistication, quality, and excellence and has been featured in various significant 5-star hotel renovations.

Hotel Le Chevalier Bleu in Monpazier, a Historic Building Restored to Its Former Glory

The bastide of Monpazier is an outstanding example of medieval architecture. Founded in 1284 by order of Edward I, King of England, its original appearance and size have remained almost unaltered. Here, In the heart of this medieval village in the Dordogne region, within a historic building, the ERA architectural firm has created a 5-star boutique hotel. The objective of the restoration and redevelopment – under the watchful eye of the Bâtiments de France – was to highlight the stratified traces of eight centuries of history: from a noble palace to a bourgeois home, all the way to its new role as a hotel, where modern amenities find perfect harmony with the past, both in the common areas and in the rooms themselves. 

Cotto d’Este’s Contribution

To restore the original spirit of the building, as well as its natural elegance, the ERA Studio chose two different collections by Cotto d’Este, which were used to clad both the common areas and the rooms. The external spaces of the courtyard feature Limestone in the Oyster shade: large slabs measuring 90x90cm, with a thickness of 20mm, that replicate the look of stone thanks to moulds taken directly from the natural material. This product exhibits a particularly rough surface due to the fired finish, thus making the collection perfect for outdoor use.

This was not only an aesthetic choice, but also one that took into account resistance to external elements and slip resistance, ensuring grip. To create continuity between exterior and interior spaces, Limestone Oyster was also used to clad the surfaces of the spa area, the inside of the swimming pool, and the floors of the bathrooms and hotel rooms. Here 90x90cm slabs, with a thickness of 14mm, in the Natural finish, were used which feature a matte surface with a slight patina effect, giving them a soft and welcoming feel. Meticulous care in the selection of premium raw materials results in a surface with subtle colour variations and exceptional depth.

Meanwhile, the Vanity collection in the Bianco Statuario shade and glossy finish takes centre stage in the hotel bar, the spa bathrooms, and the room bathrooms. This product was chosen for its ability to enhance the aesthetics of the most elegant and minimalist marbles with subtle patterns, light veining, and delicate chiaroscuro effects.

In the bar area specifically, the glossy finish of the counter and wall adds a bright touch, creating contrast with the other materials in the environment. Furthermore, both Limestone in the 14mm thick version and Vanity are part of the PROTECT® line. This extremely high performance anti-bacterial flooring and cladding ensures healthy, safe, and protected environments, thus allowing people to relax and enjoy their spaces worry-free.

Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Nani of Venezia: Luxury Suites in a Historic 16th Century Building

A stately 16th century building overlooking the Cannaregio Canal in Venice is the new Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Nani.  A five-star structure that, thanks to the intervention of the Marco Piva Architecture & Design studio, is equipped with the most avant-garde comforts while retaining the allure and beauty of a historic 16th-century building. The hotel is located in the heart of the Cannaregio district, a particularly charming area of Venice, a route of crucial importance for the urban layout of the city since the Middle Ages: the Cannaregio Canal was, in fact, the gateway to Venice for those arriving by land, from Padua or Treviso, via the lagoon routes.

Cotto d’Este’s Contribution

In order to establish a unique identity for the bathrooms in the suites, the designers selected maxi-slabs (120x120 cm) of Kerlite 6plus Vanity in the white shade Bianco Luce and Lithos in the darker colour Stone. Kerlite Vanity, used for the floor, washbasin and bath area, is a collection inspired by the most elegant and minimalist marbles, the highest expression of classical culture, blending aesthetics with subtle designs, light veining and subtle chiaroscuro in the decorations. The shower and sanitaryware area, on the other hand, were clad using maxi-slabs (120x260 cm) from the Lithos collection, selected for the stone's essence that blends harmoniously with the aesthetics of the rarest marbles, reimagined by the ingenuity of Cotto d'Este and in seamless continuity with the rest of the space. The PROTECT® ceramic surfaces contain an anti-bacterial shield featuring silver ion technology integrated into the tiles, eliminating up to 99.9% of surface bacteria.


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