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  • Location Australia
  • Date 2019
  • Studio Addstyle Master Builders

A residence consisting of single-floor apartments powered by solar energy features a modern display house, which faces the ocean and is nestled in the mild climate of Busselton, a well-known resort in South West Australia. Entering the house, you are immediately struck by the living area: white walls, high ceilings and natural light bursting through the huge windows, creating a dialogue with the external environment which is immediately evident. The light tones of the view are broken up by paintings, prints, design objects and darker shades in the kitchen and dining room, which features a prominent wooden table. The sleeping area and charming bathroom are located in the rear area and can be accessed through a private entrance at the back.

Display Home Busselton: Photo 8


In the living area and in the kitchen, the solid compactness of the floor is particularly noticeable: it seems to amplify the spaces with its brightness. The floor features the 120x60 cm 14 mm-thick Cotto d’Este Limestone Clay Honed Rtt collection, selected in the special honed finish, which is smooth and pleasant to the touch, with the characteristic semi-gloss reflection that makes it unique.

In the apartment’s bathroom, which has a minimal and linear design, Cotto d’Este is present with the stone-effect 30x60 cm 14mm-thick Limestone Oyster Honed Rtt surface, inspired by the seabed. For this room, the neutral shade of Oyster was chosen, both for the floor and the wall covering.

20x120 cm Kerlite Plus 5 Forest (R10), in the warm cembro finish, was used for the external covering. Due to its 5.5 mm thickness, the surface features very natural details, including differences in relief and roughness typical of aged wood fibres.

Display Home Busselton: Photo 10
limestone-clay limestone-clay

Limestone Clay

The sizes:

  • 30x60 cm
  • 120x60 cm
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limestone---oyster limestone---oyster

Limestone - Oyster

The sizes:

  • 30x60 cm
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forest-cembro forest-cembro

Forest Cembro

The sizes:

  • 20x120 cm

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