The project

  • Location Milano - Italy
  • Date 2007
  • Studio Gregotti Associati International

By law, the design for the new Pirelli office building had to respect the height, function and construction area parameters of the pre-existing industrial building. It was therefore a “building replacement” project to be carried out via the demolition and reconstruction of the spaces already present in the previous building, enhancing its architectural qualities while respecting the morphology of the historic construction fabric. 

The design and architectural choices for the redevelopment and transformation of the entire Pirelli site and its buildings were therefore made with the goal of underlining the continuity of production established in the area throughout the 20th century. 


Photo credits: Andrea Martiradonna

Pirelli Offices: Photo 1

Product used

 The facades of the building are clad with dark grey PIRELLI STONE porcelain stoneware (size 74.3x99.3x1.4 cm), a product that Cotto d’Este developed to ensure the harmony of the new construction with the pre-existing buildings at the Pirelli site.
Pirelli Offices: Photo 3
pirelli-stone---grigio pirelli-stone---grigio


The sizes:

  • 74x99 cm


Pirelli Offices: Photo 5
Pirelli Offices: Photo 6
Pirelli Offices: Photo 7
Pirelli Offices: Photo 8
Pirelli Offices: Photo 9
Pirelli Offices: Photo 10
Pirelli Offices: Photo 11
Pirelli Offices: Photo 12
Pirelli Offices: Photo 13
Pirelli Offices: Photo 14
Pirelli Offices: Photo 15
Pirelli Offices: Photo 16
Pirelli Offices: Photo 17
Pirelli Offices: Photo 18

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