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  • Location Milano
  • Date 2023
  • Studio Studio Asia
  • Photo Credits Arnaldo Dal Bosco

What are the characteristics of a perfect home? It must be balanced, in terms of colours and choice of materials; it must be functional, every choice has to be strategic to optimise space and expenses; and of course, it must be harmonious, that is to say, that the elements that transform neutral rooms into a home must work in harmony with each other, like the musicians of a large orchestra. These are also the basic principles of Wellness Design: a way of designing that takes into great consideration the creative aspects, starting from the study of the forms and of the balance that makes up psycho-physical well-being. And it is precisely following these principles that the professionals of Studio Asia, an international company in the field of architecture and design, have conceived and built the private home of its CEO, the architect Carla Barattelli, in the heart of the province of Monza and Brianza.

Private home Carla Barattelli: Photo 18


For the flooring and stairs, the designers selected the large 120x160 cm slabs from the Kerlite Vanity collection in two fascinating shades: Bianco Luce, used for the flooring, and Dark Brown, used for the stairs that connect the first and second floors. To enhance every detail and every vein of the Cotto d’Este surfaces, the diffused and mood lighting has been specially studied by the designers. Vanity was chosen not only for the preciousness of the materials, but also for its functionality and lightness: the slabs with a thickness of only 6.5 mm proved to be the perfect solution for the flooring of the stairs, which for structural reasons had to have a particularly light weight. In addition, the large Kerlite 6plus slabs are sustainable and Carbon Neutral, because the Group has offset 100% of the CO2 emissions of their entire life cycle.

Moving the gaze to the outdoor spaces, on the large terrace of 290 square metres, Studio Asia has opted for the surfaces of the Limestone collection, in the Clay colour, which gives off a more candid version of the beauty coming from the seabed that has been sedimented, stratified and fixed in stone and which Cotto d’Este has been able to recreate and interpret in an elegant and modern version. The selected slabs, in the 60x120 cm format and with a thickness of 14 mm, have the Blazed finish, the processing of which requires that the surface is hit by a jet of open flame at high temperatures and immediately cooled with water; the subsequent thermal shock causes the expansion of the stone and the consequent roughness typical of this finish, perfect for outdoor spaces with a discreet charm.

Private home Carla Barattelli: Photo 20
vanity-bianco-luce vanity-bianco-luce


The sizes:

  • 120x160 cm
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vanity-dark-brown vanity-dark-brown


The sizes:

  • 120x160 cm
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limestone-clay limestone-clay


The sizes:

  • 60x120 cm
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